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Some of the original paintings on this page are available exclusively at certain galleries. You should contact those galleries for further information. If you are interested in any of the other originals you can either contact the consultant at the gallery where you've seen Robert's work, or get in touch with us for more information on the painting.

The Golden Hour, 2017

The Golden Hour

54" X 40"    Oil on Canvas

Towards the end of a beautiful day, when our world becomes bathed in a golden light, we can pause at the threshold where increasing darkness will fold the day’s experience into night. All becomes silent as the twilight presence of our world displays its detail and radiance. It is at this moment our souls are drawn towards the setting sun to merge and finally accept the inheritance of darkness. Here we can once again be one with the cradle of origin whose mysteries will arise at dawn. — RB (thanks to John O'Donohue for many of these words)

Currently showing at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Visitor, 2017

The Visitor

28" X 36"    Oil on Canvas

“View of Scheveningen Sands” by Hendrick van Anthonissen, 1641, had been in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England for 140 years. It was seemingly a painting of people congregating on a seashore. In 2014, the museum restored the painting and was surprised to find that it had been originally painted with a whale on the beach. It was at the time I read this story that several whales had been found visiting beaches in Northern California. We are always fascinated when this happens and many decide to go and greet this visitor. It is a chance to get close to one of the largest and most magnificent creatures on earth.

Currently showing at Lahaina Galleries in Maui, HI

The Buffalo, 2017

The Buffalo

40" X 60"    Oil on Canvas

This work is a follow-up image to my painting “The Chase”, where the polar bear had been ousted from the Antarctic by the native penguins who had had enough of being constantly turned into a meal. In this painting, the polar bear has entered some of the tropical waters of the South Pacific and is pleasantly roaming his new world to discover all it has to offer.

Currently showing at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Telling, 2017

The Telling

18" X 24"    Oil on Canvas

Based on a painting by Millard Sheets (1907 – 1989) who often painted the Californian coast near where I live. I replaced his human workers having a conversation with these bears. It shows a simple life in an extraordinary landscape.

Currently showing at Lahaina Galleries in Newport Beach, CA

Pastoral, 2017


30" X 40"    Oil on Canvas

My experience of sitting on a grassy hillside with some friends and having the early morning sun directly in our eyes gave me the idea for this painting. In this position, the bears we observe are transfixed by the light and removed from the details of nature that grows all around them. As viewers from afar, we can see the whole scene at once and understand what the figures on the hillside are experiencing.

Currently showing at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Astral Way, 2016

The Astral Way

30” X 40”    Oil on Canvas

This image is derived from set pictures I found of the MetropolitanOpera’s recent production of Wagner’s Parsifal. It is not until Act 3 that the hero’s journey begins from the place of a desolate and apocalyptic world. Here, I placed the figures moving towards a finite horizon while a new world emerges beyond.

Currently showing at Lahaina Galleries in Big Island, HI

The Guardian#2, 2016

The Guardian#2

40” X 42”    Oil on Canvas

I decided to update this painting I had originally executed in 1998. The figures here travel through a barren snow-covered mountainside much as I did one year climbing Mt Shasta in Northern California. Climbing at altitude after many hours reality can become blurred and different thoughts can enter into one's consciousness.

Currently showing at Lahaina Galleries in Newport Beach, CA

The Crossing, 2015

The Crossing

40” X 60”    Oil on Canvas

Inspired by stories of Avalon in Arthurian legend and other folklore, this painting depicts a number of figures drifting on logs toward a golden isle. We are invited into the scene to join them and other creatures in this story that has never found an ending, the quest for the unreachable.

Currently showing at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Ascension, 2015

The Ascension

36” X 48”    Oil on Canvas

The imagery for this painting was derived from a work by Caspar David Friedrich, the German romantic painter. In the foreground we encounter the back of a figure who is observing a column of bears walking through the snow in a forest of cold and naked trees. The scene is solemn and quiet, the column fading into the misty horizon where overhead an intersection of divine light hovers.

Currently showing at Hanson Gallery Fine Art in Sausalito, CA

The Guardian, 2013

The Guardian

34” X 40”    Oil on Canvas

This figure is acutely aware of what is happening to the habitat of polar bears and is tasked with keeping watch over the northern ice-cap. As viewers we are challenged to take care of our world and those that live in it.

Currently showing at Royal Street Fine Art in Aspen, CO

Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 2015

Piper at the Gates of Dawn

30” X 40”    Oil on Canvas

This painting refers to the short story that is part of Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows. Part of the text reads as follows: “Breathless and transfixed the Mole stopped rowing as the liquid run of that glad piping broke on him like a wave, caught him up, and possessed him entirely” Here, I have imagined Pan as a wolf baying at the beginning of the day, the animals attentive as they wake up to the music.

Available exclusively through Lahaina Galleries SOLD

The Rainbow River, 2014

The Rainbow River

24” X 20”    Oil on Canvas

Looking down upon an Alaskan estuary on a summer's day when the water is shallow and the flow light can produce a rainbow of colors from the reflecting sky and the rocks below. This large bear is nicely contrasted as he crosses the river.

Currently showing at Lahaina Galleries in Newport Beach, CA

The Accord, 2013

The Accord

26” X 40”    Oil on Canvas

It seems that daily we are hearing about the ice-caps melting and continues loss of habitat for the polar bears. Some instances have occurred where the range of foraging of brown bears and polar bears are now intertwined. It occurs to me that as the species become more integrated, patience and cooperation will be required.

Available exclusively through Hanson Gallery Fine Art SOLD

The Bamboo River, 2016

The Bamboo River

36” X 48”    Oil on Canvas

The great jungle rivers of Southeast Asia are home to boundless species of animals and plants. Imagine a peaceful, cooler day on the river and the pandas have come down from their hillsides to spend time near the water. Here, they are safe from all harm and are able to relax and experience all the river has to offer.

Available exclusively through Lahaina Galleries SOLD

The Nomad, 2013

The Nomad

36” X 48”    Oil on Canvas

I have always identified with the wanderer and since an early age I have not felt a sense of a physical place known as “home” that I feel others may know. However, there was a beach below the farm I grew up on that looked like this. There were poles sunk into the mud and sand that would mark the way for people (mollusk collectors and such) who needed to navigate the path under water as the tide came up. Similar to humans, chimpanzees have a strong sense of family or group but perhaps occasionally there is one individual that likes to go off and find home in remote places.

Currently showing at Hanson Gallery Fine Art in Sausalito, CA

The Whole World, 2014

The Whole World, 2014

40” X 56”    Oil on Canvas

In this painting I wanted to create something complex and immersive that would reflect my own experience of crawling through the grass and underbrush one day earlier in the summer. As I turned over on my back and looked up ,I felt as if I was experiencing (and was in the middle of) everything there was in the landscape. From that vantage point there was a rhythm to the natural world. Every being was dodging and darting here and there in some kind of perfect harmony with the grasses and flowers. In that time, my whole world.

Available exclusively through Lahaina Galleries SOLD

Initiation, 2014

Initiation, 2014

32” X 42”    Oil on Canvas

We all go through this at some time. There is some incident or conversation that may or may not seem important at the time but soon we realize that we are on a new path and headed we know not where. I painted this scene because I recently had this experience and while I would not necessarily call it an initiation it is definitely a beginning. From the painting we have no clues as to where these rabbits are headed. But neither do they.

Available exclusively through Royal Street Fine Art SOLD

Sage of the Night , 2013

Voyagers, 2014

40” x 60”    Oil on Canvas

This painting features an elephant family, with the adult elephant walking side by side and the baby elephant happily trailing slightly behind in their footsteps. Purple butterflies grace the family’s walk along a calm ocean, with the ocean’s waters gently reaching and then receding from a sandy strip of beach as the elephants move ahead together. The palette focuses on softer shades of blue present in the expansive sky. The painting’s scale reflects the elephant family’s journey towards the bright eastern sun with full anticipation of what awaits them.

Available exclusively through Lahaina Galleries SOLD

Rushing Mist, 2014

Rushing Mist, 2014

60” x 30”    Oil on Canvas

Rushing Mist is a large-scale landscape painting centered in nature. It includes prominent mountain terrains and waterfalls as well as a balanced form, paying homage to Chinese landscape works painted in the Shan Shui tradition.


Rushing Mist captures two different points of view in its composition. At the top is a landscape revealing the source of the waterfall and at the bottom another landscape highlights figures gathering together and gazing upwards, seeming to search for something greater or beyond them. With its strong white vertical brushstrokes, the waterfall links the two landscapes and perspectives. Unlike the figures who cannot view of the upper landscape, we have the privilege of both views and gaining insight into something that’s not visible to others.

Currently showing at Royal Street Fine Art in Aspen, CO