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July 14, 2010

Summer! 2010

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Come See The New Work
 New Paintings and West Coast Shows

A very busy summer here at the Studio. I visited the east coast for a  great show at DZian Gallery in Massachusetts. And upon retuning I've been working on  a number of paintings for  Chloe Fine Art   and Borsini-Burr Gallery   to exhibit in their upcoming shows - a few of them are shown below. All of the finished paintings are on the website in the Animal Gallery - see them here. I hope to see some of you at CFA and Borsini-Burr. 
Rabbits, Bears, Wolves and Fishes
Some New Works and Their Stories

The Decision
As a youngster I was always concerned that decisions were being made for me without my involvement. Any sensitive, yet proud, rabbit knows these decisions could mean the difference between darkness and light. Either way, until the decision was made there was trepidation about what was going on amongst the elders.  In this painting the youngster might be headed for the storm, but we're not certain that he hasn't been called back to go in the opposite direction.

The Blessing
The idea of standing under a gentle waterfall on a hot summer day is a simple pleasure we  have all enjoyed at some point in our lives.  For this bear it is the same.
Hunters of the Woods
Some years ago I spent ten days in Northern Minnesota dog-sledding and camping in -30 degree weather.  Although we never saw any wolves, we would hear them at night and find traces of them every morning.  They remained a mystery to us humans.  The sled dogs paid little attention to the wolves' calls and scent.  We were definitely the outsiders.


 The Swimmer
Bear and salmon feature prominently in many Northwestern Native American legends as powerful beings that provide life force to all people. This is well illustrated every spring when bears fish for salmon by standing in the rivers and near waterfalls to catch them as they jump upstream.  Less well known is that they occasionally go underwater to find weak or dead salmon (the healthy fish can swim away faster than the bear). It occurred to me that the bear might find herself in a world of mystery and wonder immersed in the water on a sunny spring day, much as we are when we go diving into this different world.
Other Things to Share
New Kids Puzzle from Pomegranate, Facebook Fan Page and Up-Coming Website Changes

The very popular Kiss print went out of print in 2009. So we're very excited to announce a new item has been added to Pomegranate Communications Bissell collection - The Kiss Kids
Jigsaw Puzzle.  You can find it here.

The 2010 Bears By Bear Calendar has sold out.  But for those of you rabbit fans who've been asking - there will be a 2011 Rabbits By Bissell Calendar available from Pomegranate. We'll make sure to let you know when it's available.
In other news, we've created a Facebook Fan Page - it works a little differently than a Friend page. If you haven't done so already, click on the link above and become a fan.
And we're making some changes to the website to make  navigation a little easier. And be on the lookout for a new way to see available originals towards the end of July. 
As always, take care and please drop us a note through the Connect page on
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Magic Realism Group Show: Bissell, Merriam, Bruvel, & Rote
San Francisco, CA
July 17 - August 5, 2010
Opening Reception
July 17, 2010  | 5:30-8:30pm

Solo Show
Montara, CA
Opening Reception
August 7, 2010  | 5-8pm


The Blessing
Hunters of the Woods
The March
The Decision
The Gate
The Swimmer
The Guardians

The Kingdom
The Lazy River
The Dancing Wolves


2010 Bears by Bissell Calendar SOLD OUT 




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