Studio News  | February 2012
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New Work

I am just back from 4 days in Maui!  Spent some good time at Lahaina Galleries relaxing with some of their collectors, talking about art and showing some new paintings.  Some of these new pieces are shown below and  also can be viewed here.

People are very interested in my new work that deals with scale and gigantism.  I had this comment from a colleague that sums up what I have been trying to do with these paintings:

This is one of my favorite of your paintings.  I think what I appreciate most about your work is the sort of unnerving quality that comes somehow from the anthropomorphized animals. The Dream gives me that sensation even more acutely than some of your other pieces, maybe because the scene itself is also quite surreal with both the setting and the scale being unnatural.........Your paintings really creep up on me -- they kind of worm their way into my mind and shift something. That's quite a thing to pull off as an artist. With a lot of the pieces it feels as though I am looking at a hologram from just the angle where both images are flickering back and forth, and one is playful and the other kind of sinister, or one is whimsical and the other has some dreadful wisdom.

— Mike C.

The Visitor
The Visitor | Oil on canvas | 2011

Apotheosis | Oil on canvas | 2011

Now I am back to working on some more pieces and getting ready for shows on the east coast.  This month I am going to enjoy watching the days get longer and getting outside more.

New Print of "The Dream" Coming Soon

This print will be available at your gallery February 20, 2012.  Please contact the gallery where you saw Robert’s work for more information.
The Dream
The Dream | 18" x 36" | Giclée  

East Coast Appearances 2012

Robert will be showing new work and in attendance at the following galleries in April:

April 13, 6 to 9pm
Dzian Gallery
65 Water Street, Worcester MA

DZian Art Gallery

Please contact Dzian Gallery if you wish to participate or for more information

April 14, 4 to 7pm
Imagine Art Gallery
234 Main St, Smith field, VA 

Please contact Imagine Art Studios if you wish to participate or for more information

Our Book Creation Journey

We continue to develop the design and layout of Robert’s new book. Robert has been directly and intimately involved in developing ideas for the book.  As with much of his work he is infusing multiple layers of meaning and story-telling so that this is not just a simple catalog of his work.  We all think this will be a thought-provoking review of Robert’s paintings suitable for all ages.  The initial design comp is complete and as we show this to others, reactions are very enthusiastic.  We hope to have this published by early summer and will keep you updated!

Hot off the Press

Robert Bissell - Bears Calendar 2013

Pomegranate have announced their catalog releases for 2013 and the new calendar, Bears by Bissell 2013 will soon be available.  These calendars have become collector’s items and we believe this is the best calendar Pomegranate have ever produced.  (If you are a wholesaler or gallery you can order these calendars now from Pomegranate directly.

By the way

While we always recommend you contact the gallery where you first saw Robert’s work, if you ever have questions about Robert’s work or need more information about purchasing originals or prints, you can write to us here or telephone us at 415.905.0107.
Best wishes,
Everyone at Robert Bissell Fine Art, Berkeley, California

Upcoming Events

April 13
Dzian Gallery, Worcester MA

April 14
Imagine Art, Smithfield VA

Bissell News

New Video
Watch Robert in his studio working on paintings and talking about his work.
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